I am an honest-to-goodness believer in projecting.  As in putting things out to “The Universe”.  Apparently when you want something to happen, you’re supposed to make it real in some way — write it down, or maybe tell someone.  Well, I’m doing both :: I’m writing it in the blog, and therefore telling every who reads it!

This is my list of places I would like to shoot a wedding.  Remember, I have a camera and a passport, and I will go anywhere — so if you know of anyone tying the knot in any of these places, send ’em my way.  If you do, I will be your friend forever.  Promise.


1.  Newfoundland ::  The smaller the town, the better.

2.  Thailand :: Marj, I’m looking at you!  : )

3.  Tofino, British Columbia :: Or any coastal city/town in B.C.  Especially here.

4.  A cottage community outside of Toronto :: Intimate, family-oriented, laid-back

5.  Prince Edward Island :: This province holds a very special place in my heart (as does the entire East Coast for that matter).  BOOKED!

6.  New Orleans :: The culture, the food, the life!

7.  Tobermory, ON :: You can’t beat that crystal blue water.

8.  Italy :: Anywhere in Italy.  Absolutely anywhere.

9.  France :: I can hardly imagine how amazing this would be.  Paris, the South…sigh.

10.  New York, NY :: Isn’t this on everyone’s wish list?

11.  Your backyard  :: Because as a little girl I watched Father of the Bride over and over, and their wedding was in their backyard.  Bonus points if you have Frank + Howard as your wedding coordinators!  BOOKED (Minus Frank + Howard)

12.  Vegas :: I don’t have to elaborate on this one, do I?  : )

13.  Salt Spring Island, British Columbia :: I know I kind of covered this in #3, but sometimes it helps to be specific!

14.  Scotland and/or Ireland ::  With a name like “Tara McMullen”, it seems only right.

15.  Japan :: Traditions, colours, love.  Need I say more?

16.  Muskoka, ON ::  Classy + cottage = one great wedding.

17.  India :: The colours, the culture…imagine it…

18.  In a vineyard in any city, and any country.

19.  The Ice Hotel in Quebec :: could it be any more Canadian than amour over ice?

20.  Somewhere completely private, tucked away in the middle of nowhere – just the two of you + me.  The perfect elopement.

I will update when I book any (all!) of these places one-by-one.

~ Tara

This is a shot from an awesome e-session with Colleen + Jacob in Prince Edward Island last summer.  Magic!