Hello, again!  As some of you may know, there was a family emergency last week that has slowed the workflow here at Tara McMullen Photography.  I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has emailed and sent their love in my family’s direction.  Your kind words mean more than you know.  As things start to improve, and as the healing continues, things will become more normal around the studio once again.

As the wedding season starts to wind down in October, blog posts will become fast and furious.  I couldn’t wait any longer to post this one of my dear friend, Hallie.  There are few people as beautiful as she – both inside and out.  I love you, Hal.  I hope you like your shoot.

Hallie’s family has an amazing century-cottage 2 hours outside of Toronto where they gather as often as possible.  We decided to shoot at the cottage – for its charm, beautiful light, and amazing textures.  We began by baking scones : )




(If you’re curious, Hallie made the best scones I have ever tasted in my life.)










A classic beauty, no?


It means a lot to me when my friends ask me to take their photograph.  Creating an image of someone involves an exchange of trust, and it can be a very emotional process.  As a photographer, I am always honoured that others allow me into their worlds, their spaces, their lives – even just for a few minutes – and invite me to tell their story through images.

~ Tara