This is an updated repeat of a post I created two years ago.

I am an honest-to-goodness believer in projecting.

As in putting things out to ‘The Universe’.

As in letting the world know what I desire in hopes that there will be a response.

I want to travel for you…



1.  Newfoundland  and Labrador ::  This would be a dream come true.

2.  Iceland.  Please please please bring me to Iceland.

3.  The Mountains of British Columbia. 

4.  A cottage community outside of Toronto :: Intimate, family-oriented, laid-back.  Shot!  See Joanne + Paul’s Muskoka wedding here.

5.  Prince Edward Island :: This province holds a very special place in my heart (as does the entire East Coast for that matter). 

Shot!  Lilly + Dave gorgeous coastal wedding is coming to the blog soon.  See Laurie and Brent’s magical DIY PEI wedding here.

6.  Central America.  Shot in February 2012!  See Dayana and Steve’s Panama wedding here.

7.  Morocco.  Yes, please.

8.  Italy :: Anywhere in Italy.  Absolutely anywhere.

9.  France :: I can hardly imagine how amazing this would be.  Paris, the South…sigh.  Booked for June 2012!  I can’t wait for Provence with Kinga and Matthieu!

10.  New York, NY :: Isn’t this on everyone’s wish list?  Shot in September 2011.

11.  Your backyard  :: Because as a little girl I watched Father of the Bride over and over, and their wedding was in their backyard.  Shot in July 2010!

12.  Israel.  The history and textures.  The family traditions.

13.  Salt Spring Island, British Columbia

14.  Scotland and/or Ireland ::  With a name like “Tara McMullen”, it seems only right.

15.  Japan :: Traditions, colours, love.  Need I say more?

16.  Banff or Lake Louise, Albert.  Booked and shot in February 2012.  Stay tuned for the blog post!

17.  India :: The colours, the culture…imagine it.

18.  In a vineyard in any city, and any country.  Booked and shot!  See Patricia and Justin’s amazing DIY vineyard affair here.

19.  Vienna.  I visited when I was 18 and have been looking for an excuse to return.  Will you be my excuse?

20.  Somewhere completely private, tucked away in the middle of nowhere – just the two of you + me.  The perfect elopement.

I will update when I book any (all!) of these places one-by-one.

Have I missed anywhere?  I’m happy to take suggestions!



Agassiz, British Columbia for Katelynn + Janez in May, 2010.