Amey and her fiance, Angelo, are ah-dorable.  They were also a little anxious about their engagement session (in spite of already having been shot by Noa of Feather Love Photography).  I, in turn, was anxious to shoot them!  They’d been photographed by Feather Love and now I’m supposed top that?!  WHAT?!  HOW?!  EEEEEEEEEEK! (Seriously.  I was frrrrreaking out!)

So we did what any insane photographer would do.  We went to the CNE.  On a busy late afternoon.  And we shot.  We shot and shot and shot.  And laughed.  And played games.  And ate really sugary treats.  And finally ended the night with a ride on the giant ferris wheel.

I think we came up with somethings special here.  I hope you like them.

Hair and makeup by the ridiculously talented and dear friend of mine, Ivy Lam.

Amey + Angelo :: you two are cutetimes.  Love you both!

{x} Tara