I go to a LOT of weddings.

Lots and lots of weddings.

Each and every one of them push their way into my heart, settle in, and make a home for themselves.

They each are like little treasures.

Erin and Daniel’s wedding is a special treasure.  The kind that will live in my tender little mushball heart forever.

A magical day of romance, barns, renegade dogs crashing ceremonies, threats of rain, sunshine, school buses, boats, delicious food, handmade bunting, a bridal bouquet from the farm, hundreds of lovingly-styled flowers, laughter, tears, friends, family, remembering, and looking to the future.

And romance.  So. Much. Romance.

This is a long one.


Oh, Happy Day!

Erin & Daniel :: Thank you for your patience – I know this blog post is a long time coming.

Moreover, thank you for sharing your incredible day, your warmth, and your amazing friends and family.





The Players ::

The Venue :: Daniel’s family home in Creemore, ON.  (Unfortunately this space is not for rent by the general public.  Sorry!)

Dress ::  Sash and Bustle

Food :: Emily Worts

Make Up :: Blush Pretty

Hair :: Alison Kam of Donna Dolphy Hair

Bouquets/Boutonnieres :: Hundred Mile Store