If you asked me to tell you about my ideal couple, I would describe to you Laura and Mark.




In love and in like.

Laid back.

Good-lookin’ (obviously).

Genuinely nice, good, caring, wonderful people.

Behold Laura and Mark in a nutshell.

These two amazing people were married in late June at Mildred’s Temple Kitchen.

Let’s be honest, if I had to describe my perfect venue to you, it would likely be Mildred’s.

Great light, incredible food, downtown sexiness.  It has it all.

Alright!  Enough talky-talky.  More photo-photo.

Here we go!

I don’t even know what else to say.

It was perfect.




The Players ::

Venue :: Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Flowers ::  Laurel Munro

Dress ::  Carrie Hayes

Ring ::  Anne Sportun