Patricia and Justin are a very special couple.

I know it’s very easy for a wedding photographer to go on and on about how special all of her couples are… but when I say this about P+J, know that I mean it.

These two are a team.


He :: so protective of her, her heart, her dreams, her feelings.

She :: so proud of him, in love with his quirky self, and open to anything their future has in store.

Together these two pulled off the ultimate DIY wedding in Ontario’s Wine Country.

Seriously, this wedding would make Martha Stewart proud.

It makes me proud to have been a part of it.

If I can say nothing else about my 2011 season, I can say that I have witnessed countless moments where the curtain between reality and dreams was pulled aside.

Revealing a better world.

One where true love does indeed exist, and where two people can find their soul’s match in another.

We should all be so lucky.




The Players ::

Flowers :: Gathered and arranged by Justin’s mom

Desserts :: Created with love by Patricia and Justin’s mom

The Decor :: Lovingly scouted by the couple, and staged by friends & family

Bride and Groom Prep ::  The Grange at Stag Hollow

Ceremony and Reception :: Ridgepoint Wines