Sabrina and Michael are people after my own heart. They adore photography, and are constantly looking for an excuse to get in front of the camera. What better reason than Mad Men? A little Valium-induced repression, a little drinking, a little smoking, and a lot of unspoken (faux)rage. A little different from the normal... | View full post »

Where do I even begin? 2010 was a year in fast-forward. The velocity of change was such that I barely remember sleeping, eating, or much else for that matter. Luckily I have LOTS of photographs to remind me of the moments I’ve shared with all of you. When I look back on 2010 I... | View full post »

Once upon a time I had long hair.  It was alright if you consider a ponytail a hairstyle (apparently it’s not).  And then Fuss happened.  Kristin and Stacy – the amazing owners of Fuss Hair Studio – commissioned me a few weeks ago to create some shots with the amazingly hot Tiffany. If you’re... | View full post »