I had this moment of realization last night that Kate & Steven’s eventual children and grandchildren will look at these engagement photos, and will remark at the importance of the art that surrounds them. They will also remark at how amazing and beautiful it is that these two celebrated their relationship by visiting one of... | View full post »

I can see, through the rifts of the apple-boughs, The delicate blue of the sky, And the changing clouds with their marvellous tints That drift so lazily by. And strange, sweet thoughts sing through my brain, And Heaven, it seemeth near; Oh, is it not a rare, sweet time, The blossoming time of the... | View full post »

Tori and I have been friends on social media for quite a while.  We didn’t know one another personally, but she popped onto my friend list one day, and from that moment on I was hooked on she and Emily. These two are too beautiful for words — inside and out.  They clearly adore... | View full post »