My Life + Loves

I became a Mother nearly 7 months ago. Or perhaps I became a Mother the moment I discovered I was pregnant. Yes.  That is when I became a Mother.  When my life changed in order to create and sustain another. {Image by Barb) A beautiful unravelling of self happens around becoming a Mother.  Beautiful…... | View full post »

It’s kismet. Fate. Beautiful serendipity. Divine intervention. Meant-to-be that Barb is in my life. Barb is our incredible associate photographer here at Tara McMullen Photography. This elfin spirit came into my little world nearly three years ago, and neither my personal or professional life will ever been the same. Barb was my second shooter for... | View full post »

Rarely are we gifted with a friend who we know will be beside us always. I have somehow been blessed with a few of these friends. Lifers. Always-ers. Never-give-up-ers. Tiffany is my co-unicorn, and my co-conspirator. She is the wild to my quiet. A day older than me, she is my ancient fortune-teller. She... | View full post »