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May, 2010

Meet Daniela + Steve. Daniela :: the big-smiling sweet vintage-y shy-ish lovely lover of Steve. Steve :: the two-full-sleeves lumberjack music nut Bukowski-quoting lover of Daniela. Together :: perfection. Shot at the Gladstone Hotel in downtown Toronto in the Canadiana Room.  You can’t argue with wallpaper like that.  Hair and make up on Daniela... | View full post »

Once upon a time I had long hair.  It was alright if you consider a ponytail a hairstyle (apparently it’s not).  And then Fuss happened.  Kristin and Stacy – the amazing owners of Fuss Hair Studio – commissioned me a few weeks ago to create some shots with the amazingly hot Tiffany. If you’re... | View full post »