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August, 2011

Patricia and Justin just returned home from their honeymoon. Their amazing DIY vineyard wedding is begging to be blogged, but there are a few ahead of it in the blog lineup. In the meantime, I hope this little image makes the return to post-honeymoon reality a little sweeter. {x} Tara | View full post »

It’s kind of amazing. As I edited these images, I could feel the calmness and peace that had fallen over Lil and Jer. We rose well before sunrise on the morning after their wedding. All of us were blurry-eyed and could have used that little bit more sleep. But recording these two as the... | View full post »

Lil n’ Jer got married in June in Cabo. It was ridic. We flew in, shot their esession. Next day : rehearsal. Next day : wedding. Next morning : trash the dress, flew home. The schedule nearly killed us, but these lovers made it worth the while. Seriously, these two know how to do... | View full post »