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August, 2012

My sweet little pal Vicky married her best lover Phil a couple of months ago. They were pelted with hard bits of confetti as they left the church in a most awesome coming-together of kissing/confetti-throwing/stair-descending/newly-wedded cute. I wish all churches would bring back confetti-throwing, don’t you? {x} Tara | View full post »

It’s not often that I get to see a couple as mutually excited to marry one another as Adele and Will were on their wedding day. These two are too legit to quit. They really like one another.  A lot.  It’s pretty grand. It’s a beautiful life, friends. Adele + Will :: You two... | View full post »

I don’t even know how to write about Jamie + Mike’s wedding. It was (with the exception of a little rain) perfect. And I’m not talking about perfect details, perfect dress, perfect shoes, etc.  (Even though all of those things were indeed perfect.) What I’m talking about is the love that was shared by... | View full post »

As the summer draws to a close, more and more couples are emailing me about sneaking in their engagement session before the cold of Winter arrives! I *love* shooting engagement sessions.  Love.  It.  But I’m always wishing that there was something fun and new and exciting to shoot.  That somehow someone would sprinkle a... | View full post »