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October, 2012

What an incredible golden autumn day. Marion and Ryan were married at Strathmere in Ottawa. Barb and I spent a brief but beautiful 6 hours with these two on their wedding day. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a man so in love… So able to show his love for his new wife. I... | View full post »

It was one of those amazing and rare evenings in October when the sun shines and it’s warm enough to lounge outside for just a few minutes longer. A little wine in a public park (whoops), a little sparkling sunset, and a whole lot of two good people who really like one another. {x}... | View full post »

We begin this classically beautiful wedding with a straight shave at Crow’s Nest in Kensington Market. We then find the beautiful Oresta preparing to meet her groom. The couple meet, embrace, and the day truly begins. This is followed by vows, macarons, Ukrainian dancing, and a few tears. It couldn’t have been better. Meanwhile…... | View full post »

This is a re-post from over a year ago, but I am publishing it again to renew my commitment to my ‘How-To Have Incredible Wedding Photos’ Series.  I hope you enjoy, and will feel free to email or comment with any questions or suggestions for future posts! The importance of wedding photography has reached... | View full post »