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May, 2013

There are a thousand reasons why I love my job that have nothing to do with travelling. I love connecting with my clients in a way that not only allows me to photograph them, but allows me to know their hearts. I love telling stories.  Stories about connection, love, endurance, and the hard work... | View full post »

Worth noting about Lindsay and Reid :: 1.  They generally don’t particularly love weddings. 2.  They decided to get married anyways. 3.  Their wedding day rocked. 4.  In spite of *torrential* rain, these two crazy kids rocked an amazing portrait session in Kensington Market — including a trip to The Grilled Cheese for…well, grilled... | View full post »

Aruba, Jamaica, Ohhh I wanna take ya… I cannot wait to show you the rest of this magical Aruba wedding. Hot damn, I’m a lucky girl. {x} Tara  P.S. Scan by Caribou Film Lab | View full post »

It wouldn’t be a proper Seattle wedding without backyard chickens, and a whole lot of espresso. A trip to the Antique Mall, and a whole lot of rain. Two incredible women in love, and a whole lot of people who love them, too. Yes that was a punk mariachi band.  Yes they were awesome.... | View full post »