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June, 2014

Sometimes it’s ok to hitch up your dress and wander down a rocky pathway on your wedding day. Because then we get to make images like this one. More from this incredible love-filled day soon. {x} Tara | View full post »

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I a) love Bern & Tyler; and b) how much I love this image. I will post the rest of their wedding soon, but in the meantime :: Immediately after their wedding ceremony at her parents’ home, we snuck away to visit the bar where... | View full post »

Rarely are we gifted with a friend who we know will be beside us always. I have somehow been blessed with a few of these friends. Lifers. Always-ers. Never-give-up-ers. Tiffany is my co-unicorn, and my co-conspirator. She is the wild to my quiet. A day older than me, she is my ancient fortune-teller. She... | View full post »