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August, 2014

These two humans have possession of my heart. It was a good old-fashioned hold-up wherein my heart was stolen, and I have a suspicion that they don’t plan on returning it. I’m not their first victim, either. Every single person at their incredible wedding has had their hearts stolen, too. Luckily, our hearts are in... | View full post »

The first time I met Robin, I immediately loved her for her cutting sarcasm and swift wit.  Girlfriend doesn’t pull any punches, and I love that about her. We bonded over talk of weddings, love, babies, and catastrophic flooding.  It was magic.  She understood me and I understood her.  Immediate friendship ensued, and now... | View full post »

Lately it feels like I’ve been winning the wedding lottery. I have been so lucky to photograph some positively beautiful events this summer. But the best part is not so much about the events themselves, but about the beautiful souls who comprise these events. Taren + Charles were married at a private home last... | View full post »

Just follow the long driveway up to the house. Here you’ll find nineteen grown-ups, seven children, some barn cats, a Bunny, and a Rhino. Two lovers home briefly from Singapore making the most of their time back in Canada. A marriage.  A dinner.  Some speeches.  And then forever. Simple, handmade, easy, perfection. Have a... | View full post »

It’s amazing how a terrible first date can turn into one of the most beautiful romances I’ve ever witnessed. Be still my heart.  I love Muffins. {x} Tara | View full post »