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November, 2014

I can’t tell you how close Emily and PJ live to my heart. When I barely knew her, Emily came to my home, baked cookies and drank wine with me. When I was too pregnant to shoot their wedding, Emily was joyful for me. She came to my baby shower.  She met my friends,... | View full post »

I can’t lie to you :: I am a summer person. Give me heat and humidity any day of the week. Winter…not so much. It takes a special couple to drag me away from my warm blankets and fluffy slippers. That couple is Stephanie + David. Sometimes it’s worth throwing on your longjohns to... | View full post »

One of my favourite recessional images of all time. Emily, you are the cutest human. I also get the feeling that PJ might be rather fond of you. More of these two very soon. {x} Tara + Barb | View full post »

Truth :: when I photograph your wedding, I become REALLY attached to you and your families. I can’t help it.   I fall deeply in love with my couples and the incredible people who surround them. Sometimes I get sad because I know it’ll be a little while before I get to see my beautiful... | View full post »