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April, 2015

Tiny Queen Pea was a tad emotional on the day of her photo session. Sweet wee girl just needed to have a couple of tears and a lot of snuggles (and a nap). A family photo session isn’t always about those perfect moments of smiles and giggles. In fact, I find these images of... | View full post »

It was the best kind of day. The April sun was warm, and our hearts were full. Two truly kind, generous, and thoughtful people got married. Yes.  It was the best kind of day. It’s always a really good sign when the groom high-fives every.single.person on the way back up the aisle with his... | View full post »

I became a Mother nearly 7 months ago. Or perhaps I became a Mother the moment I discovered I was pregnant. Yes.  That is when I became a Mother.  When my life changed in order to create and sustain another. {Image by Barb) A beautiful unravelling of self happens around becoming a Mother.  Beautiful…... | View full post »