Sometimes when two people love each other, the world makes just a little bit more sense.

Um, HELLO Granparents in love.  So sweet!

Loved the venue, loved the food, loved the Bobbette & Belle treats, loved the Stemz Flowers, loved the laughter, loved the friends and family.

You know you’re photographing the wedding of Good People when their friends visibly adore the heck out of them.

Count me in as an adoring friend.


Joanne + Greg are going to be my neighbors pretty soon and I am super excited to have them in the ‘hood!

Wine and Bobbette & Belle treats for everyone!



P.S. That chick in the yellow?  That’s me.

Nerd alert!


The Players ::

Bride and Groom Prep ::  The Millcroft Inn and Spa

Ceremony and Reception ::  The Alton Mill

Flowers ::  Stemz (Many flowers from J&G’s wedding are featured on Stemz’s new website)

Mini-Cakes ::  Bobbette & Belle

Hair and Make Up :: Ivy Lam (obviously)

Officiant :: Not Liza Minnelli

Magic :: Provided by couple

Best Looking Ladies :: The Chickens