An outdoor Muskoka wedding on the family property.

Two people who are ridiculously in love with one another.

Seriously.  Each glows at the sight of the other.

The only catch to the incredible plans for this day was NO RAIN.

Rain was not invited.

But sometimes the occasional uninvited guest shows up.

Luckily, this near wedding-crasher didn’t stick around long…


One thing that Joanne mentioned to me before her wedding was her relationship with her mother.  How the two are kindred.  From the moment I walked in the door, this special relationship was apparent.  While Joanne’s mom stared out the window to the rainy lake, wishing for better weather, Joanne stood in the room next door looking out in the same direction, wishing for the same.  Clearly the combined power of the Stewart women is something to behold.

The skies cleared almost immediately.