I am a deeply introverted gal.

I know I don’t seem like it – either online, or when we meet – but in my heart of hearts I am profoundly shy and super uncomfortable with lots of attention.

Which is why I love everything about Monica + Drew’s wedding.

It was a surprise.  A surprise wedding.  An introvert’s dream wedding!

Monica + Drew are crafty characters who fantasized about eloping, but realized that they just couldn’t get married without having their nearest and dearest with them on the day.

So rather than plan a giant event, Monica + Drew decided to quietly and covertly plan their wedding under the guise of a surprise birthday party for Drew.  Only when the guests showed up for the party, they were the ones who were surprised!

It was one of the most special days I’ve ever photographed.  Monica’s father officiated their ceremony, and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

I cried like a baby while selecting images for this blog post.

I hope you enjoy, and for all of you introverts out there :: let’s talk.

It just couldn’t have been any better, and I’m over the moon to have been a part of this day.

Monica + Drew :: Thank you for inviting us into your magic.  Not many couples would have been brave enough to have a surprise wedding.  I love you for having the tenacity to do it your way.

To my friends and family :: I am totally stealing this idea, so be prepared for a surprise wedding featuring me and my beloved someday.




The Players ::

Planner :: Karina Lemke (many thanks to Karina for being exceptionally supportive, creative, and just plain fantastic all day long!)

Dress :: MRS Bridal Boutique

Venue ::  Harbord Room 

Make Up :: Gee Beauty