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I had this moment of realization last night that Kate & Steven’s eventual children and grandchildren will look at these engagement photos, and will remark at the importance of the art that surrounds them. They will also remark at how amazing and beautiful it is that these two celebrated their relationship by visiting one of... | View full post »

Katie & Dustin. These two share so much as a couple :: A love of travel and adventure Passion for throwing ridiculous parties (usually with costumes) Things that are scrumtrulescent Excellent hairstyles And most importantly :: a complete and unabashed adoration of one another. Their Art Gallery of Ontario wedding was one of my favourites... | View full post »

It pains me to blog a single image from Katie & Dustin’s wedding because there are SO many more images that I am dying to show you. Images that may or may not include all of the following :: James Bond A surprise chorus A David Bowie cameo Justin Bieber Wedding bottle service AND... | View full post »