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I almost always meet the couples I work with months and months before their wedding. We talk, we laugh, we become friends. It’s good. It means that there are no strangers at the wedding. I am just another happy guest…I just happen to be taking photos. I didn’t meet Meg and Dave until two... | View full post »

Katie & Dustin. These two share so much as a couple :: A love of travel and adventure Passion for throwing ridiculous parties (usually with costumes) Things that are¬†scrumtrulescent Excellent hairstyles And most importantly :: a complete and unabashed adoration of one another. Their Art Gallery of Ontario wedding was one of my favourites... | View full post »

It pains me to blog a single image from Katie & Dustin’s wedding because there are SO many more images that I am dying to show you. Images that may or may not include all of the following :: James Bond A surprise chorus A David Bowie cameo Justin Bieber Wedding bottle service AND... | View full post »