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I can’t tell you how close Emily and PJ live to my heart. When I barely knew her, Emily came to my home, baked cookies and drank wine with me. When I was too pregnant to shoot their wedding, Emily was joyful for me. She came to my baby shower.  She met my friends,... | View full post »

One of my favourite recessional images of all time. Emily, you are the cutest human. I also get the feeling that PJ might be rather fond of you. More of these two very soon. {x} Tara + Barb | View full post »

A gorgeous wedding in Monet’s playground. We start with the traditional French wedding at Vernon’s City Hall, followed by a beautiful church wedding the day after. Barb, our associate photographer, was so fortunate to spend this time with Delphine, Bryson, and their families. Our beloved Barb left a piece of her heart in France…I... | View full post »

It’s so easy to love Sam & Cam. Actually, my mother loved them first. I kept hearing about this ultra-sweet couple named Sam and Cam, and how they were getting married, and how I HAD to shoot their wedding. But I was pregnant.  Waaaaaay too pregnant to shoot their wedding. Luckily, Barb fell in... | View full post »

You may remember from this post that I have officially welcomed Barb Simkova to our photography team as a full-time associate. You’ll be seeing lots of Barb’s work here over the next while.  She is BEYOND talented. __________________________________ From Barb :: Duri & Matt are one of those destined-to-be-together couples. Though their paths have... | View full post »