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I could write for days about Angela & Sherwin. Angela shines from the inside. Like I actually think that she carries the sun (or at least a few very bright stars) somewhere inside of her ribcage. That is how bright she shines. Sensitive and deep-feeling souls like Angela need partners like Sherwin. Quiet, soft-spoken,... | View full post »

Timmins London Peterborough California… When your home can change at the drop of a hat (or the drop of a puck in this case), home truly becomes about your ‘Who’ instead of your ‘Where’. I didn’t get to meet Corey and Blakeny before their wedding day, because home is in California where Corey plays... | View full post »

In my 8 years as a wedding photographer, I have never created¬†an entire blog post in black and white. This isn’t something I’m entirely comfortable with, but something about Alia and Paul’s day begged for storytelling free from distraction. There is something so pure and organic about the love between this couple, their friends,... | View full post »

It was the best kind of day. The April sun was warm, and our hearts were full. Two truly kind, generous, and thoughtful people got married. Yes.¬† It was the best kind of day. It’s always a really good sign when the groom high-fives every.single.person on the way back up the aisle with his... | View full post »