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It’s kismet. Fate. Beautiful serendipity. Divine intervention. Meant-to-be that Barb is in my life. Barb is our incredible associate photographer here at Tara McMullen Photography. This elfin spirit came into my little world nearly three years ago, and neither my personal or professional life will ever been the same. Barb was my second shooter for... | View full post »

In my 6 years of wedding photography, I have long resisted ‘styled shoots’. Something about a fake wedding just rubs me the wrong way.  So much about what I love about weddings is the perfect imperfections…the unpredictability…the emotion. Styled shoots almost always come up short. But when Lisa from Sweet Woodruff approached me to... | View full post »

This new year is off to a beautiful start. This is Allison. She and her beloved Steve were married on Maui just a few days into 2014. I made these images on film, and I couldn’t help but post a few images of Allison’s metamorphosis from fiancee to bride. There is SO much more... | View full post »

I have shot a few weddings in my day. And I’ve seen some rain.  Oh yes.  I’ve seen some rain. But Kate and Mark’s day took the Rain Cake. It was torrential to the point that rain actually ended up inside of my water-tight cameras (whoops). But Kate and Mark wouldn’t allow a little... | View full post »

Aruba, Jamaica, Ohhh I wanna take ya… I cannot wait to show you the rest of this magical Aruba wedding. Hot damn, I’m a lucky girl. {x} Tara  P.S. Scan by Caribou Film Lab | View full post »