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What. A. Year. At the beginning of every season I wonder to myself how life could ever get any better than the year that just passed. My couples, the families I work with, the stories that are shared between us, and the memories created give me so much to hold onto during times of... | View full post »

This new year is off to a beautiful start. This is Allison. She and her beloved Steve were married on Maui just a few days into 2014. I made these images on film, and I couldn’t help but post a few images of Allison’s metamorphosis from fiancee to bride. There is SO much more... | View full post »

This is an updated repeat of a post I created three years ago. I am an honest-to-goodness believer in projecting. As in putting things out to ‘The Universe’. As in letting the world know what I desire in hopes that there will be a response. I want to travel for you… (Maybe to Provence... | View full post »

Sometimes life as a photographer is absurdly incredible. Last week I spent four days in the South of France with Kinga, Matthieu, and their closest family and friends photographing what can only be described as an absolutely breathtaking wedding. Photographing a wedding in France has long been a dream, and to have the fortune... | View full post »