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Jordana and Aaron are the best kind of surprise. Professionally, these two are all science and fact. But personally, these two are just two giant mushballs of love. Their wedding at Whistle Bear Golf Club tore my heart to bits. Also I’m not sure how, but these two had an epic ketubah signing (how is... | View full post »

I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again :: Intimate weddings make me weak in the knees. Furthermore, a cocktail-length gown with vintage detail?  YES PLEASE! Be still my beating heart. I adore this wedding. {x} Tara + Barb P.S. Cecilia’s STUNNING gown by Catherine Langois and florals by Coriander Girl | View full post »

Truth :: when I photograph your wedding, I become REALLY attached to you and your families. I can’t help it.   I fall deeply in love with my couples and the incredible people who surround them. Sometimes I get sad because I know it’ll be a little while before I get to see my beautiful... | View full post »

Ok.  I know I’m on a bit of an intimate wedding kick lately, but I just can’t help myself. I’m addicted. Bern and Tyler’s wedding only made me more obsessed with tiny at-home weddings. These two are just about the kindest humans to ever walk the earth. Their wedding at Bern’s parents’ home was... | View full post »

These two humans have possession of my heart. It was a good old-fashioned hold-up wherein my heart was stolen, and I have a suspicion that they don’t plan on returning it. I’m not their first victim, either. Every single person at their incredible wedding has had their hearts stolen, too. Luckily, our hearts are in... | View full post »