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I could write for days about Angela & Sherwin. Angela shines from the inside. Like I actually think that she carries the sun (or at least a few very bright stars) somewhere inside of her ribcage. That is how bright she shines. Sensitive and deep-feeling souls like Angela need partners like Sherwin. Quiet, soft-spoken,... | View full post »

My favourite parts of a marriage ceremony happen in between those bigger moments. It’s not about the kiss for me. It’s about those split seconds of emotion and connection that happen between two individuals as they commit to bringing their lives together. Jessica and Rob were married earlier this summer, and their ceremony was... | View full post »

Kara & Christian. These two humans are a living work of art. Their sunny/rainy/stormy/rainbow-filled wedding was perfectly imperfect. My heart was full. ______________________________________ {   the photographs, the desperate notes, peel your own image from the mirror. Sit. Feast on your life.   } {x} Tara | View full post »

Daina and Andreas are two sweet little souls who wanted a magical cottage wedding.  They found their cottage on VRBO, but it left a little something to be desired.  Red walls and not-so-cute bits and bobs made the cabin feel more like a soulless rental than a home-away-from-home. Enter Tiffany Pratt.  The lovely Lady... | View full post »

This is an updated repeat of a post I created three years ago. I am an honest-to-goodness believer in projecting. As in putting things out to ‘The Universe’. As in letting the world know what I desire in hopes that there will be a response. I want to travel for you… (Maybe to Provence... | View full post »