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Amy and Alex. These two are more than just a couple. They are grace and humour.  They are kindness and talent.  They are two families joining together. Their wedding was one of those where when we drove away, my assistant and I remarked that we felt a renewed sense of belief in love. This... | View full post »

It is sometimes easy to forget that weddings aren’t just about The Day. Weddings are about so much more than vows between two people. Weddings are about family, honouring ancestors, thanking parents, and creating a history for generations to come. Marissa understands all of this. She chose to wear the same wedding gown worn... | View full post »

“It’s good luck when it rains on your wedding day.” If this is indeed the case, KK and Rob are going to be MIGHTY lucky. This beautiful September wedding at the Evergreen Brickworks happened on a day when Mother Nature felt like Toronto needed a little hydration… What began as a morning of rain... | View full post »

What a year. The past 12 months have shook me to my core & lifted me higher than I thought possible. This year brought me to Panama, Mexico (twice), France, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Boston, Vermont, Ottawa, Banff (twice), and Newfoundland. I also found myself in Haiti – a trip that has changed me... | View full post »