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I somehow have the great fortune of working only with exceptionally good people. And I’m not just talking the kind of good people who separate garbage from recycling or who pay their taxes on time. I’m talking GOOD PEOPLE. Britt and Colin are some of the best people. The kind of people who make me... | View full post »

Daina and Andreas are two sweet little souls who wanted a magical cottage wedding.  They found their cottage on VRBO, but it left a little something to be desired.  Red walls and not-so-cute bits and bobs made the cabin feel more like a soulless rental than a home-away-from-home. Enter Tiffany Pratt.  The lovely Lady... | View full post »

  An outdoor Muskoka wedding on the family property. Two people who are ridiculously in love with one another. Seriously.  Each glows at the sight of the other. The only catch to the incredible plans for this day was NO RAIN. Rain was not invited. But sometimes the occasional uninvited guest shows up. Luckily,... | View full post »