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This Mother Session with Lily, Jerry, and Lia was extra special. It’s so wonderful to visit with my couples again – years after their wedding – to see that their life is continuing to blossom and grow. And Lia is just the cutest little blossom. {x} Tara | View full post »

Tiny Queen Pea was a tad emotional on the day of her photo session. Sweet wee girl just needed to have a couple of tears and a lot of snuggles (and a nap). A family photo session isn’t always about those perfect moments of smiles and giggles. In fact, I find these images of... | View full post »

I became a Mother nearly 7 months ago. Or perhaps I became a Mother the moment I discovered I was pregnant. Yes.  That is when I became a Mother.  When my life changed in order to create and sustain another. {Image by Barb) A beautiful unravelling of self happens around becoming a Mother.  Beautiful…... | View full post »

I love visiting with couples whose weddings I photographed years ago. I love it even more when there is a tiny squishy human for me to nuzzle. Max, you’re the sweetest. And your parents are two of the best humans. {x} Tara | View full post »

Dear Aleksei :: Once upon a time, I photographed the wedding of your beautiful mom and dashing dad. Then a couple of years later, I met you. And you smiled.  And you smiled some more.  And then just kept smiling. Thank you for sharing your toothy little grin with me. And thank you for... | View full post »