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It’s kismet. Fate. Beautiful serendipity. Divine intervention. Meant-to-be that Barb is in my life. Barb is our incredible associate photographer here at Tara McMullen Photography. This elfin spirit came into my little world nearly three years ago, and neither my personal or professional life will ever been the same. Barb was my second shooter for... | View full post »

Sometimes the Universe delivers just the right person just at the moment you are supposed to meet. Rebecca is one of those people for me. All of these images were created with film using a Hasselblad.  They’re a little different from my usual, but I quite adore them. I hope you enjoy. {x} Tara... | View full post »

To know me is to know how much I love the East Coast of Canada.  I have a photo location Wish List, and the Maritimes appears more than once throughout the list — Nova Scotia, NB, PEI (!!), Newfoundland/Labrador — take me! I was imaginably sad when I learned that I was already booked... | View full post »