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These two humans have possession of my heart. It was a good old-fashioned hold-up wherein my heart was stolen, and I have a suspicion that they don’t plan on returning it. I’m not their first victim, either. Every single person at their incredible wedding has had their hearts stolen, too. Luckily, our hearts are in... | View full post »

What a year. The past 12 months have shook me to my core & lifted me higher than I thought possible. This year brought me to Panama, Mexico (twice), France, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Boston, Vermont, Ottawa, Banff (twice), and Newfoundland. I also found myself in Haiti – a trip that has changed me... | View full post »

Ready for a long story?  Ok good. Kelly and I met two years ago at a photography workshop.  You see, Kelly is a wedding photographer in Boston who has arguably photographed more same-sex weddings than anyone else in the world. Last weekend Kelly married her love, Marla, at a Girl Scout Camp in the... | View full post »