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I could write for days about Angela & Sherwin. Angela shines from the inside. Like I actually think that she carries the sun (or at least a few very bright stars) somewhere inside of her ribcage. That is how bright she shines. Sensitive and deep-feeling souls like Angela need partners like Sherwin. Quiet, soft-spoken,... | View full post »

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I a) love Bern & Tyler; and b) how much I love this image. I will post the rest of their wedding soon, but in the meantime :: Immediately after their wedding ceremony at her parents’ home, we snuck away to visit the bar where... | View full post »

Here’s a little fact for ya :: I have never spent a single penny on advertising. ¬†Ever. The absolute vast majority of couples find their way to me through referrals from their friends, family members, or some other strange 6-degrees of separation connection. And I love it that way. It means that so many... | View full post »