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In my 8 years as a wedding photographer, I have never created an entire blog post in black and white. This isn’t something I’m entirely comfortable with, but something about Alia and Paul’s day begged for storytelling free from distraction. There is something so pure and organic about the love between this couple, their friends,... | View full post »

There aren’t enough words in the dictionary to describe this wedding.  Instead, I will let the images speak for themselves. Ok.  I went a little overboard with shots of her shoes.  But anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with Louboutins and yellow.  Her shoes were out. of. control. Six pence for... | View full post »

Ok, I’m going to try not to gush over these two, but I make no promises.  They’re cute like Nermal, and I am not responsible for any current or future gushing about Julie + Sean.  Read on at your own risk! Julie + Sean met with me just a few weeks ago and we... | View full post »