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Recipe for an amazing shoot :: Take one fabulous couple who recently married, add one stranger’s backyard and a pinch of sunset.  Mix well. Follow this with one red canoe, a gorgeous lake set ablaze by the setting sun, and a couple who is up for anything. After all your hard work, go jump... | View full post »

My sweet sweet Amey was worried about crying on her wedding day. Why worry, darling? Just don’t ugly cry.  Pretty cry. She nailed it. I get the feeling that Angelo kinda loves Amey a lot… More soon, lovers! {x} Tara P.S.  They’ve been married for about 30 seconds in this next shot. | View full post »

Rebecca + Nick. Classically gorgeous couple, having a classic wedding at a classic venue. Perfect. Oh, hi.  Carolyn Bessette Kennedy much?  Gorgeous! _________________________________________ This is Dubs.  Rebecca and Nick’s most treasured pal. She gave us a scare a few weeks ago, but this little sweetheart is back in action and feeling great. Ready to... | View full post »

Le voir un jour C’est mon rêve joli J’ai deux amours Mon pays et Paris Manhattan est belle Mais à quoi bon le nier Ce qui m’ensorcelle C’est Paris, c’est Paris tout entier Paris was lovely (if not a tad chilly).  I’m rested, rejuvinated, and ready for the 2011 season. I am also taking... | View full post »

Once upon a time, in the olden days known as August, I shot three weddings in a row at the amazing Steam Whistle Brewery in downtown Toronto.  First, we had Bryony + Joey.  Such a romantic and bespoke wedding.  Now we have Terrie + Rich, and their sweet and ridiculously fun/colourful wedding.  And next... | View full post »