My little man is a 12-week old Boston Terrier.  His name is Angus.

He is adorable and has slept through the night since day 1.  I love him.

He looks a little different from most Bostons – most have brown eyes and mostly black fur on their heads.  When I was researching the breed, I stumbled across Angus and did a little investigating into the blue-eyed Bostons.

Turns out that many of these oddly-coloured pups are deaf.

I have my suspicions that Angus is, too.

He doesn’t respond to noise, my voice, clapping, or even my very loud off-key singing.  He does, however, respond to hand signals and is the snuggliest little bug ever.

(He furthermore looks dashing in argyle.)

Anyone coming to the studio will likely have an encounter with Mr. Angus.

He loves cuddling, sleeping, cuddling, napping, cuddling, snoozing, and occasionally chewing like a rabid piranha.

Did I mention he loves to cuddle? 

Come on by to say hi anytime!