As the summer draws to a close, more and more couples are emailing me about sneaking in their engagement session before the cold of Winter arrives!

I *love* shooting engagement sessions.  Love.  It.  But I’m always wishing that there was something fun and new and exciting to shoot.  That somehow someone would sprinkle a little magic dust on each of my engagement shoots.

Ladies and Gentlemen :: meet the Keeper of Magic Dust.

Tiffany Pratt and I have been working together on a million-and-one projects lately, and one that I am most excited about is her coming on board with me to create beautiful and uniquely-styled engagement sessions for my couples.  She is also doing event decor (ahem…you want her to style your wedding.  Trust me.)

Tiffany and her beau, Jacob, set up this sweet scene yesterday for a Wedding Photography workshop I teach through Pikto Studios in the Distillery District.  She made sure to incorporate elements of both of their personalities, supplied all the props and other goodies, and then worked the heck out of my camera.

Enjoy!  There will be lots more Tiffany on the blog soon!