I became a Mother nearly 7 months ago.

Or perhaps I became a Mother the moment I discovered I was pregnant.

Yes.  That is when I became a Mother.  When my life changed in order to create and sustain another.

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{Image by Barb)

A beautiful unravelling of self happens around becoming a Mother.  Beautiful… and disorienting.

Our bodies – if we birth our babies – grow, shift, stretch, create.

Our minds – whether we birth our babies or adopt – become focused on poop schedules and play groups.  Bedtimes and growth charts.

Very quickly we become a different version of the self we’ve always known.

Sometimes we lose ourselves.  Sometimes we forget ourselves.

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{Image by Chris}

In my short few months as a Mother I have changed in ways that I cannot find words to describe.

There may not be words, but it’s written on my face.

It’s the shine in my eyes, and the wrinkles around them that have deepened from smiling (and lack of sleep).

It’s the way I throw my head back in laughter when my son learns something new.  Or when his diaper leaks all over me.

It’s the messy hair and milk stains and untidy house and all of my imperfect moments.

mothers day photography toronto family photography-016

{Image by Chris}

And my goodness I am so beautiful in those moments.

So are you.

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{Image by Elizabeth Kaye}

My first Mother’s Day is around the corner, and I am filled with gratitude for all that has changed in my world.

I am thankful, too, that I have a partner and wonderful friends who have documented this time for me.

The greatest gift I can imagine as a Mother is a moment to feel beautiful.  To see the way my son looks at me.  To be given an image that will always allow me to remember what his chubby little arms feel like when they’re wrapped around me.

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{Images by Huge Forte}

If you know a Mother who perhaps hasn’t had a moment to see just how beautiful she is when she is with her children, consider gifting her a Mother Session.  These sessions are priced at $400 + HST for 45 minutes of photography, and include 30 images in high resolution – edited, and ready to print.*

Send me an email {click here} or call me {416 454 8272} if you know a special Mother (pregnant, new mom, mom of teenagers, your mom, any mom!) who might like a little session to celebrate Motherhood.  Just her and her wee ones(s).  I will put together a gorgeous package for her (including some surprises), and have it ready to go on May 8th.

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{Remaining above images by Chris}

Big BIG love to all the Mothers.  I am proud to count myself among you.




* Travel fees may apply for sessions outside of the Greater Toronto Area