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Oh, Kelly Lynn + Andrew. There aren’t enough words in my romantic vocabulary to express how I feel about the two of you. While I was home with a 5-day old newborn, you were with Barb and the rest of our amazing team having the time of your lives. I know I’ve said it... | View full post »

I can’t tell you how close Emily and PJ live to my heart. When I barely knew her, Emily came to my home, baked cookies and drank wine with me. When I was too pregnant to shoot their wedding, Emily was joyful for me. She came to my baby shower.  She met my friends,... | View full post »

The first time I met Robin, I immediately loved her for her cutting sarcasm and swift wit.  Girlfriend doesn’t pull any punches, and I love that about her. We bonded over talk of weddings, love, babies, and catastrophic flooding.  It was magic.  She understood me and I understood her.  Immediate friendship ensued, and now... | View full post »

DIY extravaganza meets downtown badass-ness meets romantic sunsets on the patio meets the perfect warm fall day meets true love. Basically perfect in every way. Did I mention that Ashley’s a hairstylist?  Styling Jay’s hair (without him ever seeing her) was pretty much the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. That’s an 80% Blink Rate.... | View full post »