I received this email from one of my 2011 brides, Meredith, a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t been able to get it off my mind.

It brought me to tears, and is the best reminder as to why you should print your photos, and why wedding albums are important.

You’re not doing this for you.  You’re doing this for your future people.  Your children.  Your grandkids.

They will want to know about you.

And they won’t be able to use a USB key.  I can promise you that.

From Meridith ::

“You likely don’t remember us, but you photographed our wedding at the Gardiner Museum in 2011. You also made us a wonderful wedding album.  Recently, our 20-month old daughter discovered our wedding album, and she *loves* looking at it.  Like, asks for it several times a day.  It melts my heart, so I took a video of her flipping through it.  Thought I would pass it on to you so you know your work is already being appreciated by the next generation.

Hope you are doing well!

All the best,

Meridith and Kevin


In this digital-obsessed time my biggest challenge as a photographer is trying to convince my couples to print their images.

And I get it.  I’m *terrible* about printing images that I create of my personal life.

BUT there is nothing more tragic (in my little opinion) than paying thousands of dollars for photography, and tens of thousands of dollars on your wedding day to walk away with a USB key that remains untouched in a drawer.



Your images deserve more.